"Any individual or group considering hiring Garrad to perform at their event will be treated to a wonderful experience.

My wife and I own an antiques and collectibles shop.  We have had the pleasure of Garrad entertaining our customers SEVEN times so far, as of the spring of 2018, with plans to use him for more events.

Garrad not only has a wonderful sound, but he couples his voice with a dapper style that adds superbly to the experience.

Many of our customers comment how they were shocked to see a live performer with such a true sound--many thought the music was from a radio. Understandably, that's why he has landed additional performance engagements with some of them.

Any event of yours will benefit nicely from the sound, style, and personality this talented performer brings."

Don B.

Owner, Grey Barn Antiques

Andover, NJ


"Working with Garrad over the last few years has been an absolute pleasure.  He truly gives his all at each and every event and has a positive attitude with clients and guests at all times.  He can engage and entertain a crowd regardless of the range of ages while performing, which is a unique quality that not all singers deliver.  Garrad's singing has always been superb, but working with him at numerous events has given me the opportunity to witness just how much time and effort he puts into his singing career and how dedicated he is to ensure his vocals are flawless. This is one singer who I can honestly say will entertain you, make you laugh, and who you will book again for your future events after hearing him live!!"

Kristin S. 

(DJ Twinki)


"This is a true story: I don't know Garrad and first saw him performing at Secaucus Station and he happened to be singing one of my favorite songs.  I purposefully missed my train to watch him for the next 45 minutes as he sang one hit after another, nailing every note, and had a natural engagement with the crowd around him.  I knew we needed him to perform at our upcoming wedding cocktail hour because I wanted Garrad to be the first thing people saw and heard when they entered the room, and WOW! Garrad truly "set the stage" for our wedding guests' experience and when people talk about our wedding, Garrad's performance was their favorite part hands-down.  Garrad is one of the most humble, reliable, solid live performing artist I've ever come to know."

Gina & Vincent 

Wedding (New York City)

October 2017


"We have enjoyed Garrad several times now at Holy Trinity Church in Westfield.  I can't say enough about him. He is kind, has a wonderful personality, & his voice is fantastic.  Our group enjoyed him immensely & I can't wait to have him back again.  When he is singing & you close your eyes you would think the original artist was performing. We cannot thank him enough for agreeing to come sing for us."

Eleanor W. 

President, Holy Trinity Senior Social Club


"Garrad was recommended through a family member for my wedding and he did not disappoint!  He was such a pleasure to work with from start to finish and a complete and total professional.  His song list was everything a Sinatra fan would want to hear and his voice was nothing short of amazing.  Our guests were blown away with his voice and performance and we are still getting rave reviews and compliments months later!  I can't recommend or thank him enough... he made my wedding even more special!

Thank you Garrad!"

Leslie D.

Wedding (Warren, NJ)

May 2018


"As the Director of Recreation and Senior Services for the City of Rahway, I had the opportunity to hire Garrad Perry for a number of events.  Whether it was a street festival or an intimate gathering, Garrad delivered a top notch performance each and every time and was always an audience favorite.  He is also one of the most solidly dependable entertainers I have ever done business with - warm, cordial, versatile and easy going both on stage and off.  I highly recommend Garrad Perry.  You will not be disappointed."

Andrea Z.


"Garrad was absolutely amazing.  You're not just getting a great singer, you're getting an entertainer who emulates the attitude and charisma of legends like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Garrad is an experience, the full package.  He was an absolute joy to work with and made sure all of our requests were met.  Not only do I highly recommend Garrad, but I will definitely use him for future events."

Louis J. S.

Bergen Civic Association

 fund raiser

Nanina's In The Park

Belleville, NJ


"Garrad is an Entertainer's Entertainer!  I hired him for an event after searching high and low for the right touch.  His professionalism is unparalleled and his charisma can carry an evening.  You are magically lured in by his voice and that warm smile, and the next thing you know, you're dancing.  He is a true ambassador to the music of the era.  He does Sinatra proud as he handles every tune with a true crooner's style that's hard to come by in this day and age.  I couldn't wait to hire him again.  He is my go-to guy for any event."

Carmen F.


"I needed to find something for my cocktail hour at my wedding.  I tried everything and was ready to settle on a pianist when my dad brought home Garrad's CD.  We sat in the car to listen and I was hooked after one song.  It was so elegant and he handled everything with such grace.  Guests from 8 to 80 were dancing around the tables and I cannot tell you how many compliments I received on his performance. 

 I had also asked him to sing our wedding song for our first dance.  It was so beautiful that I cried the whole time.  That man is an instant memory maker."

Lorynn H.


Woodstone Country Club

Danielsville, PA



"For over a year, I've had the pleasure of working with Garrad Perry on his Sinatra / Rat Pack shows at my BJ Simon Singing Studio.  He came to me to improve his vocal technique, performance skills, and for me to direct his presentation of the songs in his large repertoire.  

Initially, he was singing for tips at the NJ Transit "Music in Motion" program for commuters on their way home through the Hoboken train station.  I went to one of his shows shortly after meeting him, and I took notes on the performance so we could talk about them in the next lesson.  He did a good job, and was skillful and charming while singing, interacting with the audience, and taking requests. 

As we worked together, he began to recall more of his formal training at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, and dovetail my training with the expertise he had attained in his early 20's.  In the months that followed, his skill level shot up more quickly than I usually see with students, and it didn't surprise me that he began to book a series of well-paying gigs.

In just a year, Garrad's quick successes earned him a featured place on my website to entice new students to my studio.  This includes his photo and list of credits that are equal to those of my other top successful professional singers.  

He makes sure that his audiences have fun, while he always maintains a responsible and professional approach to his performing and studies.  He is good-natured, smart, easy to direct and work with, sensitive to the musical artistry, is open to suggestion, can handle a wide variety of musical styles and characters, and knows how to draw in a crowd.  I recommend him highly as a performer and business professional.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with other ambitious and talented singers like Garrad Perry."

Barbara J. Simon